Error tracking and monitoring services for .NET

Almost every developer needs to get familiar with the topic of log file analysis and monitoring. While, especially in the .NET world, many developers still look at endless log files with a simple editor or search for errors in databases using select commands, I would like to give a short overview of web applications that make analysis and monitoring easier.

Each of these vendors comes with its own SDK or NuGet packages to be configured within a short time in most modern .NET applications.


is a very established supplier on the market and can draw on years of experience. Very many large companies use rollbar for monitoring. While currently, 5000 log entries per month are available free of charge, larger plans, in particular, offer a benefit-depend


Another player on the market is . Besides a nice interface, it offers good filter settings, especially when a defect class occurs more often. Strength is the detection of performance issues within your application.

is relatively new to the market and focuses in particular on an easy-to-use dashboard. While other vendors offer various features, sentry is limited to the most important ones and therefore makes it interesting for smaller applications and developers who have previously evaluated log files manually.


Another important provider on the market is atadog. In addition to an interface that is particularly suitable for evaluating large logs, the manufacturer offers many other integrations in its product range, which is why it is particularly exciting for larger companies that want to have a uniform monitoring system.


There are many manufacturers on the market that specialize in error locking. While each vendor supports basic log file analysis, each comes with its own flavor. My recommendation is to look at each vendor to determine the best fit for your needs.

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