Automation Web Testing Tools you should know about

End-to-End testing of your application can be very painful, especially if your application has many integrations to internal and external services. Automated web tests help to make functional and visual problems visible more quickly.

This short article gives you an overview of tools that help you as a developer, tester, or product manager to automate your tests.

Web Testing with

If you have been involved in testing, you have definitely come across Selenium before. The Selenium family consists of several tools for test automation. The framework Selenium WebDriver has an excellent reputation and is, therefore, the market leader in automated tests of web applications. While selenium itself is free, you will find some online provider like leapwork that allows you to execute the tests online. is a relatives new player in the field of automated web testing. They provide a complete web interface for recording and replay tests. With a broad range of features and a fair price strategy, it is very suitable for smaller teams and projects.

Katalon comes with a powerful free version that allows you to record or code tests. It supports Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and has powerful support for integrating data sources. An enterprise version is offered for larger teams that allow deeper integration in your CI/ CD environment.

Telerik is an established player when it comes to developer productivity tools in the Microsoft landscape. Their Test Studio suite offers a wide range of test tools and is limited to Microsoft developers. While the expenses and price are higher, it is especially aimed at larger teams and companies that need powerful testing capabilities.

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